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Z-Helene's Classes


Bahaia of Austin, TX is a long time mover and shaker in the Texas belly dance community. She is the proud owner and principal teacher of the Austin Bellydance studio est. 2013. Bahaia is also the current president of The Austin Belly Dance Association.

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Golden Era Styling

Add some retro to your raks! Discover the history of modern Belly Dance through the movements of Egypt’s Golden Age of Cinema.  Explore the characteristics of this style while following the footsteps of Samia Gamal, Taheya Kareoka, Naima Afef and many more. Golden Era Styling has an irresistible, sophisticated element which has nothing to do with being saccharin or cloying. Bahaia has spent countless hours scrutinizing videos of the great Egyptian dancers of the Golden Era in order to distill their movements and characteristics and create her own style based on the beauty of that time. This historical basis of the dance is the foundation of her teachings.

Cost $50

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