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George's Classes


George Marmell has danced all the dances and crocheted all the crochets.

(Actual bio coming soon!)

So who are you again? How to create a themed/character driven performance that your audience will recognize and love.

Themed/character driven performances are based in the interaction of 3 things: music, movement, and costume. Together these elements create a cohesive impression that can transport your audience into a different world, but if one of the elements is missing or not quite right... Suddenly you're just a bellydancer in a silly costume. This workshop will help you make curated choices that build the character or theme you want to convey. We'll discuss choosing characters and music, how to instantly visually identify your character, how to design movement that is both beautiful dance and supports the character/theme, and how to design a costume that expresses the character/theme while still giving you freedom of movement to dance.

Cost $40

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