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Kimberly's Classes


Kimberly Larkspur is a classically-trained-musician-turned-dancer with degrees in Music Education and History, an absolute passion for pedagogy, and a well-honed sense of delight in the absurd. With performance experience ranging from choral religious music to burlesque, she's hooked on sharing and exploring many facets of art both onstage and in the classroom.


Kimberly runs Dauntless Dance and Movement studio in Houston, TX, and when she’s not rolling around on the dancefloor, she can often be found hunched over a cutting table cussin’ costumes in the Larkspur Designs studio.


Ophidian Oracle

Ophidian Oracle: A Performance Intensive and whirlwind exploration of the archetypes of both serpent and sage that’ll slide us from start to stage in just 4 class hours. Once registered, pop into the Ophidian Oracle SotC facebook group for detailed costuming info and access to previews of combinations (available 4-6 weeks ahead of the event). Open to intermediate to advanced dancers. Not sure if it’s your bucket of snake chow? Feel free to reach out to Kim with questions.

This intensive includes two class times and a performance during the Saturday Evening Show.

Cost $85

Eye-Popping Peepers

New Eye-Popping Peepers: makeup lecture/ lab.


Are you envisioning a dramatic, expressive eye makeup look for stage (or everyday life) that works with your facial structure but find yourself trying to slap enough liner/mascara/lashes on top to make the look read? Aiming for magnificent and ending up muddy? Dying for an eyeful of bold glamour but getting harsh results?


I’ve got tips-n-tricks! Whether you’re seeking insight on bringing your current eye look to supernova status or are ready to overthrow what you know in pursuit of eye-popping visual drama, let’s get to it!


We’ll talk about techniques and adaptations that’ll open up a plethora of stylistic options (and will suit any color palette from Natural to Electric to Deity of Darkness) without taking up your whole day.


Join me in the Sparkle Ponies Knowledge Hub group on FB for detailed product recommendations and suggested supplies (no purchases will be required.) I’ll be dishing on my product faves and time-savers and discussing things like cruelty-free, budget-friendly, and sensitive-skin-appropriate options.

Cost $40

Going to Great Lengths

Going to Great Lengths: Are you itching to maximize your reach in a very literal way?


Do you find that your dance happens primarily between your shoulders and hips, while those lovely arms and legs waste away in relative obscurity?


Through a combination of exercises drawn from contemporary dance, creative movement experimentation, and good, old-fashioned flopping around like a bunch of beached sea creatures, we'll work on finding out what goes on outside of the body column (and drill positions).


The workshop comes complete with combinations you can take home in a treasure chest to play with to your heart’s content. Suitable for all levels.

Cost $40

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