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Kimberly's Classes


Kimberly Larkspur is a classically-trained-musician-turned-dancer with degrees in Music Education and History, an absolute passion for pedagogy, and a well-honed sense of delight in the absurd. With performance experience ranging from choral religious music to burlesque, she's hooked on sharing and exploring many facets of art both onstage and in the classroom.


Kimberly runs Dauntless Dance and Movement studio in Houston, TX, and when she’s not rolling around on the dancefloor, she can often be found hunched over a cutting table cussin’ costumes in the Larkspur Designs studio.

basic belly dancers eye 2.jpg

Fusion Parfait

Tangy with a tingly mouthfeel, each carefully-constructed challenge or combination is a treat for your meatsuit! In this workshop, we'll tackle stacking movement as we experiment with timing, texture, and instrumentation, and with the option of adding or skipping toppings to suit your desired level of challenge, these cool snacks are sure to satisfy! Suitable for experienced flavor-stackers, and adventurous beginners are welcome.

Cost $50

Cryptozoological Combinations

After countless dutiful movement studies of cats and birds, perhaps it’s time we went a little farther afield- through the hedge, under the hill, or into the cool recesses of a remote forest lake- in pursuit of inspiration from the likes of the kelpie, undine, and their grumblier, growlier kin for a series of short choreographic creations. Recommended for intermediate to advanced dancers; enterprising beginners welcome.

Cost $50

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