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Liora's Classes


Liora is a fusion bellydance performer, instructor, choreographer, and costumer based in Austin, TX. In addition to performing as a soloist and directing her dance company Mayura Blue, Liora has performed on three tours in the US and Europe with Bellydance Evolution, with Shunyata Dance Company (under the direction of Silvia Salamanca) at the Texas Renaissance Festival, with Perennial Dance Company (under the direction of April Rose), and with the Hands of Fatima at Sherwood Forest Faire. She has taught workshops in dance, history, and costuming throughout the southern US and is a certified FCBD Style® instructor. She is a founding member of the Migrations Team, serving as the chair for all seven years of the Migrations Dance Festival.

FCBD® Back to the Basics

Join Liora in a back-to-basics FCBD® workshop sure to sharpen up your skills. In this follow-up to her Group Improv Basics workshop at Migrations 2023, Liora breaks down the teeny, tiny details of both foundational movements and their use in higher level movements. Time permitting, the class will also review formations for both small and large groups of performers. Great for the beginner dancer but also a great choice if you want to warm up those dance muscles.

Cost $50

History of Transnational Fusion and FCBD® Style Bellydance

Liora is an avowed history nerd and this most certainly extends to her bellydance obsession. In this workshop, we’ll look at the origins of Fusion and Group Improv bellydance with a focus on FCBD® Style group improvisation. We’ll start with the original “fusion” of bellydance in Egypt and later in the US, where Eastern and Western ideas were blended, fomenting modern bellydance and its future fusion into FCBD® Style, Transnational Fusion, Gothic Fusion, etc. We’ll check out major pioneers such as Jamila Salimpour, Carolena Nericcio, Jill Parker, Donna Mejia, and many more. Come get your nerd on while we dance!

Cost $40

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