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Vanessa's Classes



Vanessa is a an American-born dancer, who has been living and dancing full-time in Egypt since 2008. To date, she is the first and only American woman to start and operate a production company in Egypt. 

Vanessa has held contracts in 5 Star hotels, in addition to dancing and acting in plays at Balloon Theatre—one of Cairo’s most famous establishments. Since 2011, she has been invited to numerous countries to teach and perform, and she is thrilled to share her insight, experience and love of dance with you! 


Vanessa holds a BFA in Ballet from Texas Christian University. 

Vanessa currently offers Online Private Coaching, and is currently the new artistic Director of Jawaahir Dance Company as of September 2022.

For more info about Vanessa, visit:

Turns, Transitions, & Travelling Steps

This class will focus on expanding our movement vocabulary, adding variations to the steps we already know and love, and finding a way to incorporate combinations flawlessly into our dancing.


Students and professionals alike will find it to be essential to their continued growth and development as a polished dancer.


With Vanessa's extensive background in ballet and other classic dance genres, she will give you the tools you need to take your dancing to the next level.

Cost $60

Musicality Mix

(All Levels) This class will focus on learning to hear the cues that the music gives us. Vanessa will utilize a variety of different styles of Arabic music… from Entrance Pieces, to baladi, drum solos to modern Egyptian pop… She will take you thru the phrasing, and help you crack the codes to know how to approach any song you may have thrown at you!


YOU WILL LEARN: Vanessa’s Three W’s: 1) What to do, 2) When to do it, and 3) Why you are doing it. These tools will allow you to seamlessly transition from one musical phrase to the next.


This class is perfect for participants who are interested in improving their improvisational skills, possibly dancing to live music, as well as those who are interested in dancing to or creating choreography.

Cost $60

Performance & Feedback Lab

(All levels—only 15 time slots. Please register early to ensure your spot!!)


This special opportunity doesn’t come around very often. Vanessa will offer her constructive feedback and suggestions for your performance!

Do not miss out!

In an informal class setting—(normal dance wear for class, no time for costumes) Obtain insight and priceless advice from Vanessa.


Participants have the choice of improvising to music of their choice, dancing to a “work in progress”, or performing a finished choreography.


Due to time constraints, please keep performances to 5 minutes or less. Participants will receive an email with a form to upload music. Music must be received by September 30.


We will try to expedite the performances by using one list & one device—(as we would in a show setting.) Please have another backup on your phone or iPod in case of emergency)


Vanessa will offer her tips and tricks for performing in addition to personalized details to help each individual performer! This class is perfect for ANYONE! Upcoming events, competitions, studio haflas, gigs, or just to learn how to take your work to the next level!

Cost $75

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