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Aya's Classes

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Aya is a Fusion Style dancer with over a decade of dance experience and learning. She is a current active member of the Renaissance Faire Troupe Hands of Fatima, the Texas Salimpour Collective and April Rose's Cohesion Collective.


Aya enjoys pulling from the different stylizations of the belly dance formats she has learned to dance to unconventional and slightly spooky music. Her constant experience with group performance has lead to a level of versatility and knowledge in the mechanics of dance.

Bellydance Taxidermy: Fusion & Stylization Techniques

In this workshop, we will piece together skeletal and muscular variations of familiar dance moves taken from different dance vocabularies and stitch them together to a short choreography. We will drill through a few of these concepts so that you can take this skill and craft your own wonderful dance pieces

Cost $50

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