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Colleen offers a number of different workshops. Contact her using the form below to see about available dates to bring her knowledge to your area!

Don’t Fear the Fluidity


   Trying to grasp the constant movement in our dance can sometimes be hard. We find ourselves thinking “what move is next?”, “which way do I turn?”, or “where do my arms go?”

   Don’t fear what comes next - flow into what comes next. Join Colleen for this workshop that will teach you fluid movements for transitions and also help you feel confident in your music and dance. Colleen has been studying the Art of Bellydance for over 14 years, and been a part of theatre for most of her life. We will explore movement and learn improvisational and transition skills that will help you in your dance. Please bring your favorite prop and note-taking materials. This class is for all levels.

Loving Yourself & Your Inner Goddess Through Dance


   We have all struggled with body image at some point in our life. This workshop will teach you how to love yourself and empower your inner Goddess through dance. You will learn how to love yourself, let go of your FEAR and embrace your POWER! Breakthrough and truly be DIVINE! This is what draws people to you when you perform. One of Colleen’s goals in life is to promote Body Love and Body Positivity through dance. She was able to find herself and the Goddess within using the techniques she wants to share with you. In this workshop we will work on breaking down the walls that are holding you back, while digging into emotions that you may not think about when performing. At any level in your journey it is important to take the time to reflect on your dance, and ask why do I do this? Join Colleen in this Workshop and share the answer to that Question.

Please bring veils, tissues, note-taking material and an open mind 

Dancing Through
Mental Health & Disability


   Colleen has created this Lecture/Movement Workshop to address dealing with Mental Health and Disability. Over 800 million people worldwide deal with a mental health disorder* and 1.3 billion people worldwide deal with a disability.** Colleen is one of these people.

   Dance has helped her process some of her depression and helps her cope with some of her fears and feelings. With all of the varieties of this art form, Colleen has been able to adjust the dance to fit her limitations and strengthen in those areas. 

   The other part of this workshop is about you and your advocate.  It is very important for you to have an advocate to help you, we can not do this alone. There is no shame in having a friend, partner or spouse help you out. Colleen’s advocate will also be at the Workshop to go over how an advocate can help you on a day-to-day basis. 

   Please join Colleen & Donna in this important workshop on dealing with these daily issues that a lot of us go through and bring along your advocate. The movement part of this workshop will be working together to learn different ways to move that better fits you and your body’s limitations.

*Mental Health Statistics in 2024 (The Zebra)

**World Health Organization Disability report (3/7/2023)

The Ooey Gooey Of Taqsim

   Explore the Taqsim with Colleen. The relationship between one instrument and you the performer, is a conversation between the two of you that an audience gets to observe. Learn how to be comfortable in yourself; to let go and just be Ooey and Gooey! The Taqsim is an opportunity for you as the dancer to connect solely to the music, be within yourself and feel all the inner shimmies, mayas and movements that want to be released. Join Colleen for this workshop where you will learn fluid movements to help you feel confident in your music and dance. This class is for all levels.

Be The Drama


   We are not only dancers, we are artists sharing stories through dance! This workshop is an interactive set of improvisational techniques that will help you learn how to tell stories without words. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of how to use the drama to evoke emotions in your audience. 

   Please bring note-taking materials and a fun hat or prop. Join me and become the Drama Queen or King you’ve always wanted to be.

Download a PDF of the workshop offerings HERE.
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