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Colleen offers a number of different workshops. Contact her using the form below to see about available dates to bring her knowledge to your area!

The Goddess Within


How do we as performers empower our audience and ourselves with our dance? We empower our Goddess Within. Bringing out your inner power when performing can be seen and felt by our audience. We want them to know what the emotions are. What is the story being told? How can you as a performer do this? Let go of your FEAR! Embrace your POWER! Tell a STORY! Breakthrough and truly be Divine. In this class we will work on breaking down the walls that are holding you back. While digging into emotions that you may not think about when performing. At any level in your dance it is important to take the time to reflect on your dance, and ask why do you dance? Join Colleen in this Workshop and share the answer to that Question.

The Ooey Gooey of Taqsim

Explore the Taqsim with Colleen the relationship between one instrument and you the performer, the conversation that is had between the two of you that an audience gets to listen in on. Learn how to be comfortable in yourself to let go and just be Ooey and Gooey! The Taqsim is an opportunity for you as the dancer to connect solely to the music, be within yourself and feel all the inner shimmies, mayas and movements that want to be released. Join Colleen for this workshop that will teach you fluid movements and help you feel confident in your music and dance. This class is for all levels.

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