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 Vending Information 

Everything you need to know if you want to vend with us!

Booth Information

Booth Fees

10X5 Space - $90.00

Additional spaces (each) - $70.00

This space includes a table and 2 chairs.


10X10 Space - $175.00

Additional spaces (each) - $125.00

This space includes 2 tables and 2 chairs.

Payment Details: You will be emailed an invoice.

You can pay by cash, check, or credit card.

AUGUST 31, 2023


  • A copy of your sales tax certificate should be included in your application. Also include your logo and photos of your products.

  • Larger booths can be accomodated by purchasing extra spaces, but spaces are limited. These will be allotted based on a first-come basis.

  • Load in will be from 8am until 12:00 noon on Friday. There is a loading dock that can be used to load in and out.

  • Classes start at 12:30pm on Friday. Please be open and ready for business at 12 noon when attendees are checking in.

  • Booth spaces will be marked with blue tape on the floor. Please DO NOT set up merchandise outside of your space.

  • If you need more tables or chairs, please check with the Vendor Coordinator.

  • The schedule for each day can be found HERE.

  • Vendors are encouraged to stay open during intermissions and after the shows.

  • Internet is available at the Convention Center

  • Electricity is available for booths with an additional fee.

  • Load Out will be between 3 and 5pm on Sunday.

  • Vendors are asked not to load out before 3pm.

  • There will be a food vendor on site. Door Dash and Grub Hub are also available with most of the downtown restaurants.

Vendor FAQs

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