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Cielo's Classes



Cielo Novoa - psychologist, holistic therapist, and Eastern Dance and Consciousness instructor.

I was born in Colombia.

I studied clinical psychology, but I always felt an inclination for dance and spirituality.

I confess that at first, I didn't feel good about my body and I was embarrassed to dance in public.

I trained in the Premshakti system and as a conscious dance instructor at the Adda Prem Academy where I learned to unify mind, body, and soul through movements and the activation of energy centers.

My passion and desire is to share with other women these tools that have given me the confidence, self-love and healing that was missing in my life  and gave me the confidence to get on stage and shine."

Healing Through the Dance

This workshop is aimed at people who are starting the path of oriental dance or with intermediate experience. It is designed to unify mind, soul, and body through oriental dance.

The brain is made up of two hemispheres, the right side controls the masculine part and the left side controls the feminine part. When these are out of balance, life becomes dramatic and monotonous. With the movements of oriental dance, we move parts of the body that we do not use every day and by showing this to the brain it understands that there are other neural pathways to explore and by producing new thoughts and activating energy and sensuality points we promote moments of happiness and well-being from a new consciousness."

Cost $40

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