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Devin's Classes


Devin Alfather is a multidisciplinary dancer currently specializing in Theatrical Fusion Raqs Sharqi, Theatrical Circus acts, and other world Fusion dances. This notorious noodler is a multi-award winning dancer and choreographer.


She can't wait to share her brand of strange and unusual works with you, dear audience.


Costuming & Prop Creation For
The Strange And Unusual

Costuming informs the audience of our intent-what story would you like to tell? Let's turn on the idea machine! Learn costume and prop tricks from an engineering perspective, and how to create impactful art from unusual materials. This lecture workshop includes an interactive portion and links to outside resources. A note book is recommended for this all-levels lecture.

Cost $40

But I'm NOT a Turner!

For those that struggle with turns, pivots, and sustained spins in dance.  We'll uncover what's holding you back, and explore my favorite tricks to unlock your inner "Spin Cycle".  A polished turn sequence is a brilliant accessory to pull out in your dance repertoire- we'll create a customized sequence that fits each individual dancer's needs.

Cost $50

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