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Devin's Classes


Devin Alfather is a multidisciplinary dancer currently specializing in theatrical Fusion Bellydance, Egyptian Bellydance (Raqs Sharqi) and other MENAHT and world Fusion dances. When not tearing up the stages in Texas and beyond, she can be found teaching out of the Minx + Muse in Austin and giving workshops to detail-hungry dancers. She seeks to keep one foot in either world, and is a continuous student of source materials and dancers.

Infringing Foundations

Serpentine movements combine into mind melting combinations in an accessible challenge for beginner/intermediate students of Fusion dance. This workshop includes cheat codes to "grace" in the body- we'll create effortless lines and picture perfect moments. We'll explore movement vocabulary from Raqs Sharqi, Contemporary Dance, and Jazz.

Cost $50

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