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Elizabeth Rose's Classes


Although her interest in the arts started at an early age, through drawing, painting, photography, and dance, she discovered Middle Eastern dance purely by chance. After attending a few SCA events - the drumming, the dance, the campfire, the acceptance of all, the freedom and joy of movement - she was hooked! 

Elizabeth continues to explore different styles and techniques, developing and evolving her own style along the way. She is honored to share her knowledge teaching weekly classes in Fundamentals, Combinations, and Choreographies. ​In December 2019, she completed her training and is now a Certified Datura Style instructor.

Not only does she continue pursuing knowledge and instruction, she is dedicated to the safe practice of belly dance, and strives to always reinforce the goal of listening to, and taking care of yourself. Having suffered injuries and been diagnosed with various chronic health over the years, Elizabeth is extremely grateful for the benefits that this dance form provides. She emphasizes that belly dance is for EVERY BODY - no matter size, shape, age, or limitations.

Elizabeth’s style is all about elegant lines and seamless flow. She enjoys both traditional and modern Fusion belly dance. Known for her elegant lines, deep curves, and friendly approach, she is honored to be able to share her knowledge and experience with you.

Dancer's Wellness

Like any athlete, being a dancer has its own requirements to maintain a healthy physical body. Add injury or other health concerns, and well… for me, acknowledging, being open about, and learning to live with health conditions is an ongoing struggle. This dance form has been so beneficial to me. Over the years I’ve learned tips, techniques, and exercises for working within limitations and healthy functioning. This workshop is part active (seated stretching exercises), part round table discussion (tips and tools I’ve learned over the years for staying healthy at festivals). Bring a tennis ball and an old sock, a notebook and pen, and your favorite tips!

Cost $40

Healing Blues Choreography

I fell in love with this song ("Healing Blues") the moment I heard it. This instrumental slow Delta Blues style song will take you on a journey, a journey specific to you. Come learn this evocative Blues Belly Dance Fusion piece and become the physical manifestation of the music - featuring smooth, flowing arms, juicy hip work, intricate isolations layers, controlled shimmies, and emotive expression.Type of Workshop: Choreography/Combo

Skill Level: Intermediate and up, advanced beginners welcome

Cost $50

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