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Inara's Classes


Inara is our guest instructor from Germany. She is an Oriental Dance Artist and is passionate about Middle Eastern music and dance. Inara started dancing as a child and grew up with bellydance thanks to her Mom, who was also a dancer, and her first teacher, Fathia from Egypt. In her youth, Inara studied ballet, jazz, ballroom, Bollywood, show dance and theater as well as bellydance. She has studied with teachers and musicians from all over the world and is trained in Raks Sharqi, Baladi, and many folkloric styles, as well as various Fusion styles. 


One of her passions is dancing to live music and improvising with the musicians in the traditional way. Her other great passion is dancing with various props, especially the flowy kind like wings, fan veils and veils. Inara loves to combine her love for bellydance with her love for fantasy and magic to create fantasy dances and turn herself into characters like a warrior queen, a wicked fairy or a forest elf.


Inara is also a trained dance teacher, Pilates and fitness instructor, and massage therapist. She is currently studying to be a natural health professional and is constantly trying to improve her understanding of the human body. She is an expert in muscles and posture who knows about the small adjustments needed to make big changes.

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Pilates for Dancers

Find out how Pilates can help improve your dance in this workshop. Pilates is a holistic method that focuses on finding a balance between strength and flexibility that is very useful for dancers. It improves proprioception, concentration, and coordination in a way that exceeds pure dance training or simple workouts. By activating the deep muscles, Pilates not only counteracts pain and prevents injury, it also greatly improves posture, stability and balance.


Pilates also includes a special breathing technique that is a great tool for dancers. A famous quote by Joseph Pilates says that the Pilates method will give you a new body. I cannot guarantee that, but it can certainly transform and improve your dance.

Cost $50

Fantasy Bellydance

The Pagan Folk band Faun is very popular in Germany. Their music combines dynamic upbeat rhythms with mystical sounds and often ancient lyrics in various languages. It makes you want to dance while whisking you away into a world of elves, fairies, fauns and magic.


Inara was inspired by one of these songs to create her fantasy fan veil “fairy dance” and her signature fan veil entrance. It is neither traditional bellydance nor classical fusion, but something completely different. It includes slow moves and poses as well as fast dynamic parts and a variety of fan veil moves. Let yourself be swept away by the fun and beauty of dancing with fan veils. And experience the fun of bringing fantasy and magic into your dance.

Please bring a pair of fan veils. This workshop is suitable for intermediate and advanced level dancers with some experience dancing with fan veils.

Cost $50

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