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Karina's Classes


Hailing from all the way in North Central Florida, Karina is a multi-award winning dancer, choreographer, and instructor.

Dedicating nearly 12 years to fusion dance, Karina has become known for her unique fusion stylizations.


Time Warp

This workshop covers everything, we will break down sharp pop and lock isolations, while smoothly transitioning between different tempos and timing in music, adding in sharp accent isolations, using layering to enhance your musicality, taking up space on stage with dramatic pauses, and using weight shifting to add a weightless dynamic.


Take these concepts and choreography with you and add these elements to your dancer toolbox to help you create stunning dynamic, unique performances.

Cost $50

Fusion Fluidity

Slow, slinky, liquid-like movements are a wonderful addition to any dancer’s vocabulary. This workshop will give you to foundations on how to utilize them in choreography to create interesting dynamics, how to seamlessly incorporate footwork to gracefully use your entire stage, using tension to add a stronger quality of movement, and how to still have strong stage presence when using slower movements.

After we have worked on technique and drilling we will put those concepts to use in a short choreography.

Cost $50

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