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Leilah Moon's Classes


Leilah Moon is an award-winning professional belly dancer; she is the recipient of 1st Place and People’s Choice awards in the 2018 East Coast Classic Belly Dance Competition. 


Leilah offers beautiful Egyptian-style bellydance performances, private lessons, and more.


Shimmy 101

A shimmy is a controlled, but relaxed shaking movement or vibration generated by one or more body parts. Hips, chest, shoulders, glutes? Yep, we can shimmy that too! Leilah will compare and break down the technique for several different types of shimmies throughout the body. We’ll explore how body alignment, tension vs. relaxation, and muscle control can vary the appearance of a shimmy, as well as play with the concept of layering shimmies on top of other movements. This workshop will introduce newcomers to shimmies, but it’s also a great refresher for more advanced students looking to drill or improve technique.

Cost $60

Baladi Awadi

Baladi music and dance are the rural folk traditions of Egypt that form a basis for oriental dance. The word “baladi” means “country,” and earthy, flirtatious, and provincial are the qualities of this style of dance.Through dance, we’ll explore the structure of the classical musical composition known as Baladi Progression; a structured improvisation between the accordion and drum. This style is rich with Egyptian tradition; providing a means for the dancer to connect deeply with both the audience and the music.

Cost $60

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