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Leilah Moon's Classes


Leilah Moon is an award-winning professional belly dancer; she is the recipient of 1st Place Solo Professional and People’s Choice awards in the 2018 East Coast Classic Belly Dance Competition, and the 1st Place Solo Professional Oriental at the 2024 Marhaba Festival Miss Euro Competition in Italy. You can catch her performing regularly at venues throughout the DC area. Leilah Moon won First Place and People's Choice awards in the highest Professional Category at the 2018 East Coast Classic Bellydance Competition.

Leilah Moon started her dance career at the age of 17 with Susquehanna University Bellydance Circle in 2008, studying further under MiaNaja al Sephira, Naimah of Baltimore, Viviana of Delaware, Piper of the Daughters of Rhea, Faten Salama, and various faculty of Sahara Dance in DC, including private instruction with Jennifer Tether and Shahrzad Raqs. She is a founding member of Zaida Rising Dance Collective, the Susquehanna University Bellydance Circle, and her former student troupe Raqs Rendezvous. She also performs regularly with Seven Egyptian Dance Company, a diverse ensemble specializing in folkloric Egyptian dance.


Leilah is part of the faculty at Sahara Dance in DC and teaches weekly classes and regular workshops.


Shake it, Shaabi Style

From the streets of Cairo to the Egyptian cinema, Egypt’s music scene today is dominated by the shaabi and electro-shaabi (mahraganat) genres, making it both very fun to dance to and a challenge for the classic oriental dancer. Working with combos inspired by Leilah's time traveling in Cairo, we'll dissect lyrics and cultural context, then explore big juicy movements, playful shimmies, and dynamic urban expression set to today’s hits!

Cost $60

Fun with Egyptian Folklore

Get a taste of the joyous and earthy folkloric dances of Egypt in this exciting sampler! Experience the heart and soul of raqs sharqi through its roots in folkloric dance. Explore the movements and flavors of varying styles, including Nubian, Simsimiya, Fallahi, Hagalla, & Saidi.

Cost $60

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