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Maria's Classes


María Vera is a Mexican American dance artist hailing from Houston, Texas. She is a professional performer whose range stems from classic bellydance, cabaret, Arab folklore, fusion, and musical theater among other practices. Known for explosive energy, fiery personality, athleticism, and ubiquitous charm; she is undoubtedly a sought after entertainer throughout Texas. As a dance instructor, her main goal is to infect the joy of this dance form. To listen to one’s body and embrace the movement in a unique and authentic way.


Floor It! Floorwork in Bellydance Technique

Get Low- in this workshop we are beginning with some core exercises to prep our bodies for ground work. Beginning with DESCENT and ideas from skill level to our bodies’ capacities. Wiggly middle bits, with detailed combinations for floor work. And finally how to lift out bottoms up from the floor effortlessly and maybe even hypnotizingly they’ll never know how you did that! Come on let’s get low!

Cost $50

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