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Monali's Classes


Monali is an Indo-Canadian trained dancer who has studied multiple dance forms around the world. Her background is in traditional Indian style of dances including Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Folk, which has provided her with a deep love of cultural representation in movement.

She brings this same sensitivity and focus on representation to her love of Raqs Sharqi and has been learning, performing and competing in Egyptian and American Cabaret style Belly dance for the last few years.


As a dancer, she has had the privilege to be part of professional dance groups and has had the amazing opportunity to perform on national stages. 

Monali has been teaching children’s workshop classes in and around Houston, TX and will continue do so now in Tulsa, OK. She also holds a teacher’s Level 1 Certification from the Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance.

Bollywood Belly

In the Bollywood-Belly dance fusion class you will learn how to combine the fluid grace of the Middle East with the charm and expressions of Bollywood. Get drawn in to the musicality and lyrics of Bollywood music and the rhythm and subtle musical changes in Arabic music. You will be introduced to graceful hip and arm movements, as well as body isolations that make belly dance so beautiful. All set appropriately to the addictive and romantic music of Bollywood.

Cost $50

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