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Phaedra's Classes


Coming from a background in instrumental and vocal music and musical theatre, Phaedra Darwish was mesmerized by Arabic dance and music after studying different types of dance from around the world. She feels that these art forms are beautiful ways to share the culture of her heritage.

She has been performing and teaching workshops and classes in Chicago and throughout the US for the past 14 years. Phaedra hopes to spread enthusiasm and respect for Middle Eastern dance as more and more people get acquainted with its health benefits and enchanted by its beauty.

By examining the music, regions, and cultural aspects behind the movement in her classes and performing Arabic dance at a professional level both inside and outside of its traditional environment, Phaedra seeks to fulfill her mission as an artist: to increase cultural awareness, appreciation, and understanding by sharing the dances of her heritage with as large a population as possible. 

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Yallah Narqos!

"Yallah Narqos!" Choreography - Modern Arabic Pop FUN, FUN, FUN! Learn a choreography to a lively piece of music currently popular in the Arab world. This workshop will be useful for anyone and especially for those who dance commercially for Arab audiences and beyond. By repetition and through movement, the dancer will walk away with a useful song and movement combination in their dance toolbelt.

Cost $60

Arabic Music for Bellydancers

Focus will be on what topics will serve a dancer best in practice and performance. Basic topics of understanding include: Who you should know as a dancer from classic to modern, Basic and most used rhythms in raqs sharqi, and an overview of Arabic music and its components and musical sections relative to the dance world.

Cost $60

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