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Sal Elsayed's Classes



Sal is an instructor and performer of Egyptian dance and folklore. He lived in Egypt and worked as a folklore performer, submerging himself in the local culture and practices of Tanoura dance, music, and spirit. His time spent welcomed amongst the Egyptian artists community has given him an understanding behind the importance of culture, connection, and tradition that translate into his teaching and performance style. 

Arab Dance & Folklore Sampler

Come and enjoy a sampling of Middle Eastern folklore dances - Saidi, Tanoura, and Debke. Take an in-depth look at the social and cultural significance of each dance amongst its people. We will define the music and rhythms that pertain to each style and that make each music genre distinct. Next, we will begin moving through each dance, experiencing the differences in music, movement, intention, and feeling. This is a great introductory folklore class for students.   

Cost $70

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