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Saqra's Classes


Saqra's ongoing participation and education in this dance form began in 1977 and has taken her to learn with many of the best dancers in the world, studying in America, Canada, Turkey and Egypt. Saqra continues to travel and study both in the USA and abroad and prides herself on proper research for anything she teaches. Folklore, fakelore, and stage creativity.... all three valuable but different things that need to be clearly presented as what they actually are and Saqra works hard to do that.

Finger Cymbals: Beginning Thru Insane

Saqra's popular workshop topic "Finger Cymbals: Beginning through Insane" focusing on the use of counter rhythms to actually reflect your movement and your music. Whether you are just beginning cymbals or are professional level, there WILL be things to challenge or inspire you.

Cost $50

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