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Sher's Classes


Sher is sword obsessed and she is a dedicated swordswoman. She has been performing FCBD® style since 2013. Her sword teachers have been across genres including Kimberly Larkspur,  Paula Grace, the creative director of the FCBD group, Totem, Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott,  Belladonna Boheme, Jerikaye Maria Magdalena the Fire Maiden, Silvia Salamanca, Melody Bustillos, and Irina Koroleva. She is currently performing with the performance group, Scallywags Raks and has been since 2019.



The sword is more than just a prop - it is not a hat. The main focus of this workshop is learning about the sword, slow moves, handling the sword with both hands and adding other balance points other than your head. These sword moves are inspired by FatChanceBellyDance® with the sword layered on top.

Cost $50

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