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Z-Helene's Classes


Middle Eastern dance performance artist Z-Helene believes that art at its best inspires and transforms. With this philosophy, she draws upon her expansive movement vocabulary and unbridled creativity to deliver uplifting and meaningful experiences to her audiences.


Known as the Jimmy Hendrix/Buddy Rich of zills (finger cymbals), she continually explores the frontiers of what this instrument can do, delivering many virtuoso zill solos.


Holding a BA in Theatre Arts from Franklin & Marshall College (1977), Z-Helene has been and continues to be a professor in the Kinesiology Department at Austin Community College (since 1988), teaching courses in Middle Eastern belly dance, yoga, and aerobic conditioning. She is proud that she has taught thousands of students in over 90 semesters at the college!


Her other past dance influences include African, East Indian, and contemporary modern dance.


As a teacher, she has a deep regard and ability to communicate immense amounts of knowledge and wisdom to each student. Winner of the 2000 IAMED (International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance) Teacher of the Year Award, her dynamic group improvisations and detailed full- length choreographies enable her to bring the rich beauty of Middle Eastern inspired dance to all who seek it.


Creative Zills

Students will enjoy all the zills! The class will start with lots of zill drills and zill patterns. Then  you will explore how to be creative while playing and dancing with them. You will also be playing and dancing acapella as well as playing along with canned music.

Cost $50

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